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Jac Products was started back in 1992 by Jim. After noticing a local college class in how to juggle he decided to give it a go. Jim quickly found a new hobby and things got a little out of control from there! Whilst enjoying his new hobby Jim couldn't help but feel that the quality and range of juggling equipment in the UK was a little lackluster. At the same time he was feeling less than fulfilled in his job as a salesman selling fake plastic plants to offices. He decided it was time for a change in career path and Jac Products was born.

Jim quickly set to work on manufacturing a high quality juggling ball at the same time as mastering his 5 ball. Not only was Jim happy in his new line of work but he quickly found that there was a growing demand for high quality but affordable juggling equipment. The range of products expanded over the years until Jac Products was manufacturing everything from fire staffs to diabolos and balls. Jim's range of clients began to grow too, word was spreading from local performers and Jac Products was starting to gain a reputation for quality.

Years later Jim's client list included everyone from juggling stores and circuses across Europe to Bentley and Guinness- remember the old black and white guinness promotional mini rugby balls? As the wholesale side of the business continued to grow and the world became smaller the market began to see an influx of cheap inferior goods usually manufactured in Asia. Jac Products has stuck to its original core principles of providing high quality at affordable prices and to this day we manufacture all of our own brand props within the UK. This means that we can focus on keeping the quality high but also that we can react and respond quickly to the needs of our customers.

We're always the first to take stock of new products from leading manufacturers and offer our items at the best prices around (see our price promise). That doesn't mean that we've forgotten our roots though! We still strive to expand our range of items that we manufacture ourselves and we still offer an extremely good range of wholesale items with exceptional profit margins. We have also recently dedicated an entire warehouse to the manufacturing of new and existing lines whilst our dispatch has been relocated to a second much larger warehouse close by.