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The Yo-Yo isn't just a classic children's toy! The latest iterations of the yoyo have pushed the toy beyond the boundaries of what was ever deemed possible even only a few years ago. We stock a huge range of yoyos and only offer quality products from the best manufacturers in the world. We pride ourselves upon having the most up to date models in stock before anywhere else in the UK and we also really know our stuff. Yo Yos can be confusing to buy, if you need any help or advice finding the perfect yo yo for you we're always on hand to help!

Rapid technical advancements and improvements in manufacturing have created a variety of different forms of play style and yo-yos to perfectly suite however you choose to play. 1A style of play is reserved for string tricks with a single yoyo, this requires a great sleep time allowing you to perform the often complex long string maneuvers, you'll find that the higher end yo-yos will be non-responsive and require a bind trick to return. 2A style of play refers to double looping yoyos this is easily one of the most crowd pleasing styles of play with the yoyo being kept in constant rotation being flicked from the hand and looping inside and outside of the arms.


These yo-yos are often classic in shape (as opposed to butterfly) which gives them the best aerodynamic properties and minimizes the chance of them spinning out. 3A refers to string tricks with 2 yoyos, this is a similar style of play to 1A but incorporates two yoyos, an impressive style of play but a difficult one to master! 4A yoyo play is offstring, this means that the yo-yo can leave the string and be caught in many different ways, this shares a lot of similarities with the diabolo and often these yoyos are large with a pronounced butterfly shape allowing for plenty of room to be caught on a string. 5A play is one of the most alternative styles of yo-yoing but allows for a whole new realm of possible tricks to be opened up, these yo-yos often sport a counterweight, this allows he player to let go of the yo-yo completely and catch it in different places. We stock a great range of yo-yos for every different play style from manufacturers including Henry's, Duncan, Yomega, YoYoFactory, YoYoJam and the new kids on the block Infinity.

Gator String Yo-Yo String
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Infinity Katana Yo-Yo
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Infinity Synergy Yo-Yo
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Infinity TX10 Yo-Yo
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Infinity Voodoo Yo-Yo
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